Have you been hacked?    If you suspect or know organization, consultant, vendor, or staff member has been hacked, call (323) 813-5780 immediately. We recommend against using email accounts if you suspect your network may have been compromised as this may unnecessarily alert the attackers.

What we do

Every day, millions of dollars are jeopardized by organizations that have failed to implement the most basic security protocols—at every level. In many cases teams are spread out and often use their own devices with literally no common security policies.

The dangers are real and incidents occur at EVERY level. And they’re increasing.

Campaign Defense, Inc. provides practical instructions, training, and guidance to lower risk from cyber attacks, malware, and infiltration—while helping to satisfy state requirements of “reasonable precautions”
CDI’s team are experienced operatives that know the specific demands consultants, campaigns, advocacy orgs, associations, and public affairs firms face. And how they often operate within ad-hoc environment that makes them particularly vulnerable.

In cases where an incident has already occurred, we can help quarterback the response: coordinating the technical and legal experts, and working with your team to understand the next steps, both operationally, politically, and from a public relations standpoint.

Under our process:

  • Exposure analysis of your organization
  • Know the threat and what your organization is legally required to do

Significantly Reduce Your Risk of Hacking or a Cyber Attack and Subsequent Liability

Our Process

  • Exposure analysis of your campaign
  • Know the threat and what your campaign or organization is legally required to do
  • Customized protocols to handle sensitive data
  • Customized staff and vendor data handling procedures to reduce exposure
  • Staff training
  • IT recommendations/protocols
  • Assistance in securing necessary IT/hardware/software resources

Have accidentally disclosed confidential data or personal information to someone online.

Have experienced a cyber extortion threat or demand.

Learn More About How to Prevent a Disaster

If Your Campaign has Been Hacked or Attacked

  • One stop shop to secure top-level legal, incident response, and data forensic services
  • Coordinated rapid response public relations services by people who know the industry and understand the dynamics

If you’ve been hacked or attacked, call this number now (323) 813-5788, or email us here.

Campaigns, candidates, associations, PACs, advocacy orgs, and consultants are exceptionally vulnerable to cyber attacks, malware and breaches.

Contributing factors

  • Limited to no-IT infrastructure
  • Key personnel and strategists working off their own computer with no private network or protocols
  • Poor handling of critical data, plans, records, and research
  • High volume of data transfer between vendors
  • No common practices


Preparatory training and protocols:

  • Threat assessment and exposure analysis based on your specific workflow
  • Customized staff data and cyber security protocols
  • Custom staff and contractor data handling agreement language
  • Vendor protocols and agreement language
  • Webinar training of staff and key consultants
  • Best practices instruction sheets
  • One hour of legal consultation provided by an expert cyber-security attorney
  • Passwords/usage policy
  • Record Retention/Destruction Policy
  • Incident response plan
  • BYOD Usage/Policy
  • Mobile Device Usage/Policy
  • Encryption Usage/Policy
  • Review of Security Obligations to Donors
  • Security/Confidentiality Requirements for Vendors with Information Access
  • Assistance in securing necessary IT/hardware/software resources

Post-incident Response Coordination

  • Securing data forensic and technical partners/investigators
  • Connecting you with legal experts in cyber-security
  • Quarterbacking the response across all involved entities
  • Providing cyber-security related crisis response messaging and communications management
  • Coordinating incident-related rapid response communications to staff and vendors

Pricing: The cost of our services is dependent on the size of your organization (and if in the incident response phase, the nature of the breach/attack). Please contact us at (323) 813-5780 for more information or email ops@campaigndefense.com

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Securing your organization from hackers should be priority number one when building your team and handling your sensitive information. Let’s talk.

If you suspect or know organization, consultant, vendor, or staff member has been hacked, call (323) 813-5780 immediately. We recommend against using email accounts if you suspect your network may have been compromised as this may unnecessarily alert the attackers.

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