Campaign Defense, Inc. was founded by veteran political consultant Brian Franklin to address the particular security needs of political consultants, advocacy and party orgs, campaigns, associations, and related entities.

Together, they have partnered with security, legal and crisis response experts to provide CDI’s clients with the critical information campaigns need, either to defend critical information or in response to an attack or breach.



Sylint is an internationally recognized cyber security and digital data forensics firm with extensive experience discretely addressing some of today’s biggest breaches, incidents, and precedent-setting court cases.Their clients include Fortune 500 companies, AmLaw 100 firms, NGO’s, celebrities, non-profits and government entities. Sylint’s team is comprised of experts in advanced technologies, techniques and proven investigative protocols used to uncover fraud, malicious conduct, sabotage and other nefarious activities.

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney’s Cybersecurity & Data Protection Group works with clients across multiple sectors respond to incidents, craft strategies and policies, and provide the staff training essential to safeguarding information in the digital age. Buchanan’s clients include healthcare providers, government entities, insurance companies, security alarm companies, education institutions, energy and public utility companies, defense contractors, retailers, family offices, and investment advisors.

Even the most security conscious and tech savvy organizations are concerned about the cybersecurity threat to their critical information assets and the economic, legal and reputational damage that would result from a breach. Buchanan’s team focuses on counseling clients to meet the legal standards of care for privacy protection and cybersecurity preparedness, responding to security breaches, and defending clients facing regulatory scrutiny and litigation.

Buchanan works extensively with clients both reactively – to weather the fallout from a breach – and proactively – to reduce the risk and mitigate the fallout. Buchanan guides its clients through the intense process of confronting a possible security breach including coordinating with forensic experts, managing the legal notification process, dealing with regulators, and preparing communications to affected individuals and the public. And, when a cyber incident results in an investigation by Federal or state regulators or in litigation, clients turn to Buchanan for their defense.

Buchanan also helps its clients build a loss prevention program designed to protect their mission-critical information and confidential information entrusted by customers, employees and others. Buchanan’s counseling covers risk and threat assessment, policies and protocols for best practices, personnel training programs, incident response planning and exercises, and contract obligations for cloud and other third party service providers.


Jeff Birnbach, Partner, Sylint

Jeff Birnbach is the Managing Director and a Partner in the Sylint Group. His background includes over 30 years in senior leadership roles in software and emerging technologies. Jeff has extensive experience in information security, incident response, analytics, and investigations. In his current role, he oversees cyber security and digital data forensics teams focused on intrusion detection, incident response, cyber breach investigation, security assessment, malware identification and remediation. Recent investigations include cyber extortion, ransomware, nation-state attacks, Medicare fraud, credential trafficking, celebrity stalking and child exploitation.

Jeff is a licensed Private Investigator (FL), and is a frequent speaker on cyber security, incident response and investigations to diverse audiences. Jeff has conducted presentations and briefings to a wide range of groups including U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), U.S. Secret Service – Electronic Crimes Task Force, FBI Infragard, and the American Bar Association, as well as conducted training seminars on cyber-crime investigations for law enforcement officers. He has been repeatedly interviewed to provide context and on-air commentary to emerging news stories related to cyber security incidents. A patented inventor of micro-accelerometry based locating and tracking technologies, Jeff has also served as a cyber security expert in state and federal court cases.

Matthew Meade, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

Matt Meade is co-chair of Buchanan’s Cybersecurity and Data Protection Group where he provides advice regarding data security breaches, information and records management and other areas regarding privacy. He helps clients identify business risks associated with the use and storage of sensitive information. Matt regularly advises clients on security breach notification laws and other U.S. state and federal data security requirements (including laws regarding disposal of records).

Recognized by The Best Lawyers in America® list in 2017 under the Privacy and Data Security Law category, Matt frequently speaks at national conferences and write related to data security. He is the co-chair of the ABA’s Second Annual National Institute on Cybersecurity and serves on the Steering Committee for the Sedona Conference Working Group 11 on Data Security and Privacy Liability, which brings “together lawyers, judges, policy makers, security experts, technologists and business leaders to identify and develop principles and best practices that will constructively resolve issues surrounding data security and privacy liability.” Matt was a featured panelist at the 2017 conference of the American Association of Political Consultants in Huntington Beach, California.

David Morey

David Morey, Chairman and CEO of DMG Global and Vice Chairman of Core Strategy Group, is one of America’s leading strategic consultants.

Mr. Morey has worked with some of the world’s top business leaders and he has advised five Nobel Peace Prize winners and seventeen winning global presidential campaigns, including those of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.  He has also advised the senior officers of Fortune 100 entities and helped to launch many successful start-up companies and ventures. He has developed successful strategies for General Electric, Bancomer, Verizon, Apple, Samsung, Linkedin, Google, The Coca-Cola Company, Mars, KPMG, McDonald’s, Microsoft, News Corp., Nike, Pepsi, P&G, Disney, Visa, American Express, TPG and many others.

Over the years, Mr. Morey has served as Adjunct Professor of International Affairs at Columbia University, specializing in global communications, and he currently teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. He served as special advisor to the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. State Department, and was also Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Task Force on Public Diplomacy, Co-Chairman of the Fund For Peace, and a member of the Defense Science Board’s Task Force on U.S. Strategic Communications and National Security.